Wednesday, May 12, 2010

treehouse spring party on HOLD (i.e. NOT TOMORROW)

*Please don't hate us and our lack when it comes to scheduling events, but we've decided to push back the spring treehouse party SO IT WILL NOT BE TOMORROW THURSDAY May 13th. our apologies.
We will let you know ASAP when we've figured out the perfect party date. but til then, swing by and check out all the new goodies in our branches!

* btw, treehouse brooklyn, Sirius* Lux jewels, and Feral Childe dresses featured in TimeOut NY (TONY) in the "ten things we love about graham ave."...enter HUGE grin HERE!!! graham ave just keeps getting dreamier every day! swing by and check it out!

kisses from the branches, and reaching for the stars,
and thanks for understanding,
sirius* treehouse

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