Wednesday, March 07, 2007

3rd Annual Brooklyn RENEGADE CRAFT FAIR!

yes! just the other day i was thinking, 'hmmm, isn't it about time to be submitting applications for RENEGADE?' and lo and behold, i looked in my inbox and there it was:

Hi Everyone!

First of all, a huge thanks to our vendors and everyone who came out and supported the first ever Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Sale in Chicago a few months ago! It was a huge success and we plan on making it an annual event!

The applications for the RCF Brooklyn '07 fair are now available! The fair is scheduled for the weekend of June 16 + 17 at the McCarren Park Pool, just a few blocks away from last year's location. Read more about the pool here -->

You have until April 1 to get your application in so get to it! And we'll be announcing some advertising and promotional opportunities soon so stay tuned...

Thanks + talk to you soon!

Sue + Kathleen

so, fellow saplings, who's in? last year, siri, rebecca, elyse, nan, hanna and i shared 2 booths, and jen and angie were also there. the fee has gone up slightly this year, to $200 per 10x10 space (was $150) but that's still pretty good for the size and for 2 days (compared to same price for just a table at Craftacular for ONE day). i am a little bummed that it will be in the POOL this year as i love the grassy park with its nice shady trees especially since it has been hotter than hades the last 2 years, but i think the parks dept. didn't want them to do it there anymore.

our next meeting probably won't be until the end of this month so we need start figuring this out sooner so we can get the app in that week. let me know if you are interested...

you can find lots more info here...