Thursday, May 31, 2007

if you're in LA this weekend...

check out this totally DIY-style sale my bi-coastal costume-designing friend julie puts on in her yard! she's been doing it for years and i've always wished i could go, (sigh)... kelly mulloy will be selling her hot felted items, and jane d'arensbourg will be there with her surreal glass jewelry. i don't know any of the other makers' work but i bet there'll be tons of cool stuff; go see for yourself and support your local designers!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

fabric printers

it seems the most-requested type of resource people ask me about (i even get e-mails from complete strangers asking!) is printers, for fabric yardage in small quantities. i have been given a few references by various friends, so i am going to post them here. it would be great, and hugely appreciated, if anyone who sees this information and contacts or uses one of these printers could leave comments or post their experience. this is exactly the kind of information this blog (and community of designers and makers) is meant to share.

the first comes from jason at rag & bone bindery, via amy. she read about it on the r & b blog, and then i contacted him to find out the contact info. here is what he said:

This is Jason from Rag & Bone, you asked about the fabric
printers I wrote about on the Rag & Bone Bindery blog...

The fabric printers are really sweet. They were kind to
offer the 50¢ tour. I think you have to be a designer
or manufacturer to appreciate a behind the scene tour of
a fabric printer, but I loved it. If you would like to
talk to them, here is their contact information:

Decorative Screen Printers
Contact: Christine Alessio
860 889 5461 X5984

Christine can tell you more about the printing minimums,
but hand printing starts at something like 300 yards,
and machine printing at around 1,000 or so. Of course
the more you print, the less per yard. Overall it's
not as expensive as you might think.

Good luck. Please mention my name if you call Christine.
And let me know if you print your fabrics!


this next one comes from my friend chris at Pintura Studio:

the printer is called E.F.S. Designs 610 Smith St. 718-852-9511 Bob burns is the guy to talk to.
he's gruff but a baby doll. also if you want to do t shirts or anything similar like printing on something that has been constructed or cut pieces. call our friend Victor he is in the same factory but has a seperate business Conceptos 917-214-4472. Either one you call you can just tell them Chris from Pintura Studio gave you their #'s.

and this one comes from caitlin:

someone emailed me this link to a place that prints fabrics in San Fran. the prices seem pretty good. I thought maybe you could post it on the blog. anyway the website is:

lastly, my friends wolfy and kayrock have a screenprinting business right here in williamsburg called kayrock screenprinting. they do spot-printing, not repeating yardage. their specialties are t-shirts and concert posters.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

sidewalk sale and lemonade stand!!!

this coming sunday the SAPLING society will present our first ever

when: sunday, may 20 1-6pm
where: treehouse, 430 graham avenue (between withers and frost) in the lovely Williamsburg
just a hop and skip from the Graham stop on the L
what: REAL lemonade and baked goods, samples, overstock and past seasons' merch from hodge podge, becky lee, sirius and 31 corn lane, bric-a-brac, surprise sale items from the depths of the treehouse, and a secret treasure chest of goodies! don't miss out!
support your local independent designers and makers!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

cherry blossom SUCCESS!

as you can see, the cherry blossom circus last friday was beautifully chaotically fun and entertaining! we're not entirely sure everyone fully understood that this WAS the fashion show, but i feel certain that everyone who came had a great time! the saplings were in full force: siri, erin and rebecca did a marvelous job making it all happen, erika, amy and hanna graciously modelled, amylou assisted with makeup and kept the backstage spirits up, and bobbi, feral childe, sirius and hodge podge showed clothes. special thanks to camilla for the makeup which really transformed the models into gorgeous otherworldly beings! and of course, thanks to all of the non-sapling models, designers, participants and supporters as well. you can see lots more photos here and here...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

cherry blossom circus

come one, come all to the first night of Williamsburg Fashion Week! treehouse and sodafine are joining forces to bring you "Cherry Blossom Circus", the fashion show to dazzle all fashion shows. this japanese-inspired circus will tempt with fire-dancers, performing poodles, lion-tamers, stilt-walkers and more that we aren't at liberty to divulge... and they'll all be wearing wares from designers found at Sodafine and Treehouse. watch them reveal the handmade and one-of-a-kind creations that make both of these Williamsburg boutiques such unique the most delightful way! participating designers include Feral Childe, Laurel Wells, Bobbi, Hubris and Homefries, Popomomo, Margarita Saplala, Sirius, Hodge Podge and more!

marvel at the explosive color
, sights and sounds!
celebrate all the mad creativity blossoming in Williamsburg this spring!!!

when: FRIDAY, MAY 4th at 7:30 pm, fashion show starts at 8:30
where: Secret Project Robot at Monster Island
210 Kent Ave at Metropolitan Ave

p.s.: it's free! and there'll be drinks! and bellydancing fashion and after-party dance-party afterwards.... so super-duper enticing... bring a hot date! or find one!