Thursday, August 24, 2006

materials exchange - blank tee shirts galore

hi saplings,

i have a great many blank american apparel tee shirts i am looking to trade/sell for cheap. in particular, i have about eight dozen women's l/s lilac tees as this picture. and a bunch of kids stuff, and other random items. let me know if you are interested. trying to clear out space in the house for new projects! - jen

Monday, August 21, 2006

credit card machines

i've gotten a few things in the mail about credit card machines but was wondering if anyone has a company they like or if they are all the same......

Saturday, August 19, 2006

next meeting

are we having an august meeting or will we wait till september? i can do it here at the new space after september 8th........ hanna
dress on me in the picture is by caitlin

Thursday, August 10, 2006

cotton fleece

hey y'all... if anyone is out in the fabric-shopping world and sees nice THICK fleece-y knits, please let me know. i am looking for sweatshirt fleece and/or lighter weight fleecy or brushed knits, but they must be primarily cotton (a lot of sweatshirt fleece out there is like 65 poly/35 cotton). last year Mood didn't have ANY sweatshirt fleece which i thought was crazy! i have so many ideas for cool sweatshirt styles but can never find the fabric. i would also look at online sources if anyone has any recommendations. i just spent about an hour searching online but didn't find much. thanks in advance for any info!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

i know it's far away but.....

do you guys want to do a saplings sample sale at the new little cakes gallery the first week of december? like sometime bewteen 12/5-12/9? i'm trying to avoid doing a holiday sale and figure that's early enough in the month..... it's in the east village so it'll be easy for manhattanites to get to. trying to work out the gallery calendar so i thought i'd ask.
let me know!
love hanna

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Re: Health Insurance Info

Hello Everyone!
I'm so happy to be posting my first Sapling Society blog entry.
This is a copy of the health insurance handout from a couple meetings back.
I have Family Health Plus and it's great. In order to qualify you must go through an interview process and your income (after business expenses, etc) must be low. It's a long process but so worth it if you qualify...
And if not, there are other NY state programs that might be worth looking into.
You can email me if you want more info about Family Health Plus.
Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Comparison of Health Insurance Programs in New York:

Family Health Plus :
Free coverage if you qualify! Little or no co-pay, prescriptions are covered. Must schedule an interview first and fill out application to qualify. Strict income and resource requirements.
Who can join (requirements):
Where to apply (who to set up interview with):
Helpful numbers including Family Heath Plus:

Healthy NY:
Next step up from Family Health Plus. Low monthly payments for full coverage. Must meet financial requirements. Have to pick HMO and apply through them or online.
Healthy NY Eligibility Criteria for Individuals:
(EX: Family size (1) : Annual Household $=Up to $25,125, monthly = Up to $2,094)
How to apply:

Brooklyn Healthworks:
“The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Group Health Inc. (GHI), a consortium of health care providers and the Office of the Brooklyn Borough President, are proud to offer an affordable health insurance for small businesses in the borough of Brooklyn – Brooklyn HealthWorks.”