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Permaculture classes in Brooklyn


Who says you need a homestead to practice Permaculture! We'll show you how to live the good life by putting your hands and kitchen to work. We think our bodies deserve the best and as permaculture hedonists believe that what we create with our hands is far superior to anything you can buy on the shelves of any store.

Last year we ran this series of lactoferment classes along with a Handcrafted Beauty series to great success. Many sold out fast with our cap at 10 students for each class. We checked our busy teaching and parenting schedules and set aside some dates to present these learning opportunities once again. Join us for these three fermented foods classes that will increase your vitality as well as your self-sufficiency. Come learn why fermented foods are so incredibly nutritious and how they can fit into your life.

The Handmade Beauty series will take the mystery out of formulating your own safe and cheap beauty necessities suitable for your gender of choice. We will explore a host of different ingredients from ones found in your kitchen cupboard to the more exotic ones found via the internet. This series will now include household cleaners as well. All of these will be great for gift giving!

Start crafting today and share your creations with friends and family!

$30 per class OR $25 if you register for two or more classes!

To register email back at this address

Saturday, December 11th
6:00- 8:00-pm $30

This workshop will walk you through making a variety of lactoferments including: kim chee, sauerkraut, ginger-carrots and other root crop lactoferments. Bring 2 wide mouth 1 pint glass mason jars with lids if you would like to take home jars of our finished products. Also bring a good cutting knife and a cutting board and the Beyond Organic vegetables will be almost entirely from our farm.
Handouts of recipes will be provided. IMPORTANT!!! Please register a week in advance so we can insure the correct amount of ingredients. This is sure to fill up fast!

Sourdough Bread
Sunday, December 12th
6:00-8:00pm $30

In this, our second fermented food workshop, we will harvest Brooklyn’s wild yeasts to make bread rise into a fluffy loaf that is truly delicious! We will show you the ins and outs of making and baking sourdough bread so that you can get started with confidence. We will also cover sourdough pancakes. Delicious! Participants should bring a small jar to take home some sourdough starter.

Handcrafting Home Brews
Friday, December 17th
6:00- 8:00 pm $30

This third workshop will cover: malting whole grains for superlative home brew beers and will include sources for organic whole grains; preparing herbal tonics and sacred beers with wild dandelion, yarrow, rosemary and others; culturing wild yeasts. Kombucha preparation will also be covered and kombucha “mothers” will be given away to make at home. Handouts of recipes will be provided.

Handmade Beauty Part 1 and 2
Saturday, December 18th
Part 1 - 2-4pm $30
Sunday, December 19th
Part 2 - 2-4pm $30

In this class we will craft a variety of body care products made from ingredients easily found in your kitchen cabinet or local heath food store. You will expand your knowledge of herbs, save money and feel your beautiful best by making and using your own handmade beauty products. Are you spending wads of cash on eco-household cleaners? Well you can stop! We will be providing recipes and samples for some of the most often used cleaners. Bring 5 or so small containers (washed take out condiment containers work great) so you can take some samples of what we craft home.
It would be great if people could let me know what they are interested in learning how to make. While I would like to cover it all in one class it just takes too much time!

Part 1

For your Face...
Face Cleanser
Face Scrub
Herbal Face Toner
Tinted Lip Balm

Plus Household Cleaners!

Part 2

For your body...
Herbal Shampoo
Herbal Hair Rinse
Body Scrubs
Tooth Powder/Paste
Shaving Cream

Plus Household Cleaners!


Handcrafting Herbal Tinctures, Salves and Extracts will be offered after the new year. So get ready!

All of these classes will take place in our small apartment so enrollment in limited to 10 people for each class. Allergic to pets? We have a cat!
Please pre-register @ so we know how many people to expect.

We can and will offer these classes again so please inquire if the dates don't work out for you.

The Center for Bioregional Living
Ellenville / Brooklyn, NY

Thursday, December 02, 2010

the craftland opening party is tonight! i will be there doing a book signing and probably some shopping. if you're in providence, ri, i think this will be a good one.

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designer holiday sale

Hello Dear Friends,

Please join us this coming weekend for our annual Designer Holiday Sale!

On December 4th + 5th from 12-5pm, Brooklyn-based designers MOCIUN, SHABD, & BAGGU are hosting a 2-day Designer Holiday Sale at the Baggu Studio. Followers of Lena Corwin & Mociun may be familiar with the bi-annual designer sales that are typically housed at Corwin’s studio in Fort Greene. The Designer Holiday Sale will similarly feature a well-curated selection of artisan-quality clothing, fashion accessories, & gifts. SALE WILL FEATURE LIMITED EDITIONS, SPRING PREVIEWS, DISCOUNTED FALL COLLECTIONS AND HARD TO FIND PIECES BY MOCIUN, SHABD, BAGGU, BODKIN, AESA, FOG LINEN WORK, LAUREN MANOOGIAN, ALYSON FOX, LINES & SHAPES, MOCIUN + CORWIN, and JULIET GORMAN.
AT: 242 Wythe Ave #6 -- Entrance on North 3rd--- Williamsburg-- Brooklyn Hope you can make it!

Love, Mociun and Shabd!/event.php?eid=142264279158813&notif_t=event_wall#wall_posts