Wednesday, May 19, 2010

oh renegade!

this will be the first year *hodge podge* won't be attending the best brooklyn craft fair of the year (sniffle!), but i wanted to make sure all of you know about it! mark your calendars, it's june 5 & 6 and it looks like this year will be better than ever!

who you will see: raeburn ink, a.s.i.s., alison tauber, bicycle paintings, caitlin keegan, clay, wood & cotton, delong ceramics, frantic meerkat, marcie mcgoldrick, perch, saltlick, and 300 more vendors!

i'll be having fun at summer camp, but please go for me, buy lots of handmade stuff, visit the treats truck and the photobooth, and have an all-round good time in lovely mccarren park. i'll be with you in spirit!

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