Thursday, February 26, 2009

slip casting workshop

amy of perch! is planning to teach a slip-casting workshop at her studio in red hook, brooklyn, which sounds amazing. i've always loved her modern, delicate bird feeders and planters. she's trying to get a read on who might be interested, so let her know if you are! here's her message:

Hi Friends - (sorry to those of you who aren't in the NY area) - I'm going to teach a slip casting / mold making class at my studio!
I'm trying to get an idea of people who might be interested before I put it out to the masses.
It's going to be over 3 weekends (6 - 2-3 hour morning sessions) this spring and you will make a two part plaster mold of an existing form and at the end you'll have 4-6 finished pieces. Quite fun, right? We'll provide all the materials except some glazes and we will fire your pieces. The class will probably cost $425 and we hope to keep it small, maybe 10 people.
Just think, you can come down to Red Hook, work on your ceramic project, and then head off to Fairway for a warm baguette!
Forward this on to anyone who might be interested!
Amy Adams
Perch Design Inc.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

forgotten blog

hello! it's been a while since i posted here; after the madness of december sales there just wasn't a lot going on in january i guess! did anyone even notice? sometimes i wonder if anyone is even reading this here SAPLINGs blog, so please leave a comment if you do check in occasionally, and would miss it if it weren't here. the point is supposed to be to spread the awareness of indie makers and indie-made things, and related events. if you would like to participate in this blog, let me know! there's only so much blogging one girl can do.

the above projects are how-to's i've done this month and last for CraftStylish. it's a wealth of info about the crafty world, so take a look if you haven't yet!