Thursday, September 27, 2007

poppytalk handmade

hey saplings!

ah, life in the country. is beautiful and relaxing here in the redwoods, and i have plenty of time to work on my own art and design projects. love that. its also VERY rural, so i have come to depend on the internet to stay connected to the art and design culture that i left. so i started a blog and an etsy shop to stay connected. have a look - i love visitors!

i am also participating in an online market beginning in october, run by the design blog poppytalk. the market is called poppytalk handmade and may be of interest to the saplings. everything in it is handmade, and sales go directly through each vendor's online shop. there is a small fee to participate. they will be accepting applications soon for the month of november, so if you are interested you should check it out.

cheers to all, and if you are ever in california, come visit!!!
xo jen


Lena said...

hi jen!
your new pieces look so great! i especially love the new tokyo bag. i would really like to visit sometime when i'm in CA.

on a side note: i just signed up for bloglines, and it lists all of the blogs that i check (which was starting to get out of control!) and makes it so much easier and less time consuming. thought i'd pass along the info...

siriusspace said...

beautiful etsy site! and your blog makes me miss northern california... and surfing! hope to come visit sometime soon!
kiss, siri

jen said...

hey girls,

yes, please come visit!! i miss you.