Tuesday, September 11, 2007

attention Chicago!

if you are in or near chicago this weekend (or ever... read on), it's the original home of Renegade Craft Fair! i've always wanted to check this one out, to see different vendors than the one in brooklyn, to feel out whether it would ever be worth traveling to participate in that one, AND just because the idea of simply ATTENDING a craft fair without participating in it sounds so... stress-free! i might actually be able to browse the merch and focus; maybe even BUY SOMETHING!!!
but to me the really exciting news is that kathleen and sue also have a brand new baby: Renegade Handmade. it's their new real-live walk-in store in chicago where you can find handmade goods 7 days a week! now you can get a mini Renegade experience any time of year. wish i could visit both...

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