Friday, September 10, 2010

eco-fashion's night out TONIGHT!

Dearest friends,

I'm participating in this great event on Friday night as part of NYC's Fashion's Night Out.

I'll be a part of a PANEL DISCUSSION on putting sustainability in fashion into the hands of the consumer (not just the designer), and I'll be selling my NEW FALL COLLECTION plus some spring stuff at clearance prices.

Also there will be workshops, drinks and music, so come on out if you're looking for something both fun and fulfilling to do that night!


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September 7, 2010
By now you must know that September 10, 2010 is Fashion's Night Out, when cities around the world will celebrate Fashion in one night full of shopping, celebrity, and debauchery.
Instead of submitting to blind consumerism, entitle yourself to some educated consumerism!
We've teamed up with to bring you a night of "Celebrating : Slow" where participants can get in on some Sustainability:
LEARN from experts in eco-fashion at our Ecouterre-moderated panel on Sustainability (includes Jill Fehrenbacher, Sarah Scaturro, Greta Eagan of FashionMeGreen, Caroline Priebe, Margarita Mileva, Shabd Simon-Alexander, Caitlin Mociun)
PARTICIPATE in free workshops (Hack Sustainable Fashion: what is eco-fashion? create your own fashion manifesto; Bags for the People; altering with Sewing Rebellion; Natural Tie-Dyeing)
DRINK with Kelso of Brooklyn Beer (plus some Trader Joe's wine) and EAT with local food vendors
DANCE with DJ Whistlepunk

Sound like a blast? It's also free (or help us out with a suggested donation of $10)
See you September 10, 6-11PM!
To RSVP please email
505 Carroll Street,11215 | (718) 369-0222 |


249 19th Street #4B
Brooklyn, NY 11215

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