Tuesday, June 02, 2009

cooking classes @ SOY!

***** Cooking Class Schedule at SOY***** June - July, 2009*****

Upcoming classes at SOY! I’ll be offering only four more classes this summer, so make sure you reserve your seats early. After this round there’ll be no more classes until October this year. Each class is complete in one session.

Cooking class page: www.soynyc.com/cookingclass.html

Or just read below for class dates and descriptions.

Please send email to soypower@soynyc.com to reserve your seat. If it's available, I'll send a payment request in reply. When the fee is paid, your reservation will be confirmed. Very small classes- only up to 6 students, with standing room only in my tiny kitchen!

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***Basic Japanese Home Cooking***

Saturday, June 20, 12pm-2:30pm
Fee: $60

Learn basics of Japanese home cooking, such as how to cook rice, making dashi (soup stock) and miso soup, about necessary seasonings and common Japanese food products. We'll prepare a savory traditional style meal with fish and vegetables.

***Sushi Master***

Saturday, June 27, 12pm-2:30pm
Fee: $60

Learn how to cook sushi rice (the most important part of sushi!), prepare ingredients, and make your own sushi rolls like Californiarolls, tuna rolls, hand rolls, or veggie rolls of your choice. You'll go home armed with the sushi rolling mat, and become your own sushi chef in your kitchen.

***SOY Cooking for Clueless***

Saturday, July 11, 12pm-2:30pm
Fee: $60

Cooking with soy food can be absolutely effortless. It's great food for even those of you who are clueless in kitchen - you don't even need a real knife to cut a tofu! You'll be introduced to all kinds of tofu and other soy food products, and learn to make delicious and easy soy dishes.

***Japanese Desserts***

Saturday, July 18, 1 pm - 3:30pm
Fee: $50

Traditional Japanese desserts are low or no fat, and they are often vegan. Making rice desserts like mochi and dango are also very easy and fun, like playing with Play-Doh. I may also reveal secrets of tofu pudding.


Etsko @SOY
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New York , NY10002

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