Wednesday, August 06, 2008

news from 31 Corn Lane

Nestled snugly within the beautiful rolling New Jersey hills was Rumson Country Day School. Where they offered neat sports like lacrosse and archery and all the girls had beautiful flaxen hair. Where students went sailing on the weekends and only sported the fanciest footwear.

As wee ones in the mid-80's us Sperber Sisters used to watch the frou-frou festivities from afar - while rocking the same unwashed mini-denims we had been playing in for weeks, scooting about town with wildly messy hair, proudly donning our fave stinky sneaker rollerskates and puff paint sweatshirts.

This new 31CL line is our homage to the superdeluxe RCD world of ruffles and quilting! To the unmatched color combo of bubblegum pink and kelly green! To rolling hills and the Mercedes convertibles that coasted along them!

So friends, see all y'all at next weekends big regatta We'll be the ones in the homestyle half-sinking sailboat. The one with the tattered pirate flag whipping in the wind. The one blasting Cyndi Lauper from a giant jambox!

Smooth sailing everyone!,
The Sperber Sisters of 31 Corn Lane

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