Friday, June 13, 2008

ready for renegade!


oh yes, try as i might to hold back time (i want to make more stuff!) it is here, the big mama, the one that started it all, the 4th annual Renegade Craft Fair! if you are anywhere within range, you simply MUST come and support your local indie makers. this is what it's all about!

i would love to wax poetic, show you a preview of what i'm working on, list all my fave vendors that will be there, and so on, but alas there is still much sewing, crocheting, printing, dying and tagging to be done! see you in the pool!

your usual SAPLING suspects will be there: treehouse, hodge podge, raeburn ink, a.s.i.s., 31 corn lane, callieco, keep it moving... links to all should be in the sidebar!

oh yeah, and i'll be honoring my traditional 10% discount to anyone who brings me a lemonade, an (unsweet) iced tea, or a treat!!!

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