Friday, February 08, 2008

vendor call for brooklyn flea market

Howdy all.

As some of you know, for the last month or so I've been working toward launching the Brooklyn Flea, a new flea market in Fort Greene every Sunday, starting April 6. I'm doing it with the guy who does Brownstoner, a blog you might know.

The Flea is starting to take shape, and I'd love your help putting it over the top. If you know anyone who would want to be a vendor at the market, please send 'em my way. So far we have everything from vintage furniture and clothing dealers to cookie bakers and ricotta makers to record and bicycle sellers and jewelry designers. Plus, we'll have yummy food for marketeers to munch on. But we want more. And I bet you know someone who'd be perfect for the Flea.

There's some basic info at (I'm also starting a blog there in the next few weeks.)

So rack your brains and scour your address books. That guy who built your coffee table or the gal you bought a handbag from on Prince Street once--I want to call them. Your uncle is an antiques dealer upstate--send me his info. You just met someone who bakes the most amazing granola and wants to start selling it--perfect! (I like odd people and generally get along with them, don't worry about that part.)

The other thing I ask of you (I've resolved to be more needy in '08) is that you try to visit the market one Sunday in April. A lot of the vendors are committing to one week or one month to "see how it goes," meaning no peeps=no vendors=no more Flea. This would mean a lot to me and this random/fun/unique new business I'm starting. Hopefully one of your friends will be there selling something, so you'll already be part of the Flea community.

There are lots of other cool components to the market that I'm working on but that aren't quite ready to reveal yet. So if you don't mind I might email you all again in a month or so to let you know how it's going. (Just tell me if you don't wanna hear all about it.)

In addition, I'd love any and all feedback or constructive criticism for how to make the Flea even better--fire at will.

Thanks in advance for listening,

Eric Demby
ericdemby AT

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