Sunday, April 15, 2007

minutes of 3/25 meeting

our march meeting was held at unofficial SAPLING headquarters treehouse. in attendance were myself, siri, barbara (resplendent in her own clothing, top left, and more of hers on the mannequin, top right), amy, caitlin and erika (who couldn't resist trying on this new pink sirius confection with hand-crocheted straps).

our first matter of business was renegade. it was decided that treehouse/sirius/becky lee will be one booth, hodge podge and bobbi clothes will share, and 31 corn lane will have its own booth. raeburn ink and a.s.i.s. will also share a booth. applications were submitted by the april 1st deadline.

next i did a show-and-tell with some examples of work i have done for textile design at various freelance jobs. this is an area that seems like it could work for many of us as flexible additional income, so i brought in some samples to show those who weren't familiar. we discussed attending the print show in april, printsource, to check out some different studios.

we also set a date for our First Annual SAPLING Sidewalk Sale at treehouse. it will be sunday may 20 from 1 to 6: mark your calendars! we'll be selling samples and past seasons' stock, and maybe some lemonade and treats...

caitlin shared her idea for an open-source online picture collection, providing visual reference for artists and designers. she is still trying to come up with a name for it, and requests that anyone who wants to send her photos at

finally, we set the date for our next meeting as sunday april 29th at the 31 corn lane headquarters.

oh yeah, and while we were meeting, gertie made a new friend!

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