Friday, February 16, 2007

seen these shoes?

hi saplings

i'm doing a project with canvas slip-on shoes, and i'm looking for this one style, that has a little bit of gathering across the top.... i found a small photo of them online, but the link didn't work. does anyone know where i can find them? i've seen them before, i think at dollar stores (and maybe in chinatown?) but now that i need them, i'm not sure where to go. any suggestions?




hodge podge said...

i've never seen them but they are cute! i will keep an eye out when i'm in the dollar stores or chinatown...

Lena said...

thanks cal!

*Emy said...

I just came upon your blog and think it's fantastic! Did you ever get these shoes? I know a couple places that sell them near by! If you haven't let me know I can send you some.


email said...

hi, any info. on where to purchase the canvas slip-on shoes? i've seen a couple of girls walking around brooklyn / ny + they look awesome.