Wednesday, November 15, 2006

sale roundup!

well, i'd say our first organized saplings event was a success! i don't know how many people attended our sample sale, but there was a pretty steady flow of shoppers all day and i would say that well over half of them ACTUALLY BOUGHT SOMETHING! and of those, quite a lot bought multiple items. our grand total of sales for the 7 participating designers was $2215. not bad! remember, most of our stuff was really priced to move! and this was not our current collections, but samples and odds-n-ends that we really wanted new homes for. it's a constant problem for designers, getting rid of the stuff that accumulates, and much as we don't want to look at it ever again, we also know that there was time and money invested in each piece so we hate (and can't really afford) to just give it away or donate it. i know we all had fantasies of not bringing anything home with us, but, well, maybe next time...

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