Tuesday, October 17, 2006

october minutes

the october meeting was held saturday 10/14 at caitlin's studio in park slope. in attendance were caitlin, jen, lena, sherise and me. oh yeah, and judas, gertie and gus!
we spent most of the time discussing plans for the sample sale to be held saturday november 11 from noon to 6 at this same location. this will be a true sample/overstock/past season sale, with the goal of clearing out old stuff we all have hanging around. set-up will be friday night from 7 to 9 with a little pot-luck dinner to make it fun. so far we have mociun, raeburn ink, lena, hodge podge, little cakes and elyse participating in the sale. jen is designing a gorgeous simple postcard to be placed in local park slope boutiques and a few other locations, and we will try to spread the word mainly through e-mails and hopefully some listings (Time Out?) also jen told us about a service called propay that lets you accept credit cards without a merchant account or special equipment; could be a handy thing to know about when doing sales or just in general.
next we talked about options for a holiday sale (this one will be new stuff from our current collections and gift-y items) and agreed that probably the best idea is for us to band together and get a bunch of tables at the Craftacular on december 9. the application deadline is november 1st so whoever is interested please let me know asap. i have sent an e-mail to the coordinator asking if we can get a group discount on multiple booths and will advise you all as soon as i have more info.
caitlin showed us some lovely swatches from two organic and natural fabric resources, Near Sea Naturals and a new one she found, Enviro Textile. my fave swatch was a bamboo/cotton knit from NSN; i have never felt a bamboo fabric before, but it was unbelievably soft!
we didn't set a date for the next meeting since we will be hanging out all day at the sale next month; we figure that will count as a meeting, since the following weekend will be the one before thanksgiving. i imagine the next official meeting may not be until january, since there will be lots of sale-ing and holidays during the next two months...

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