Thursday, August 10, 2006

cotton fleece

hey y'all... if anyone is out in the fabric-shopping world and sees nice THICK fleece-y knits, please let me know. i am looking for sweatshirt fleece and/or lighter weight fleecy or brushed knits, but they must be primarily cotton (a lot of sweatshirt fleece out there is like 65 poly/35 cotton). last year Mood didn't have ANY sweatshirt fleece which i thought was crazy! i have so many ideas for cool sweatshirt styles but can never find the fabric. i would also look at online sources if anyone has any recommendations. i just spent about an hour searching online but didn't find much. thanks in advance for any info!


jen said...

Hey Cal,

i have some polar fleece that you are welcome to. mint green and maybe some other colors. i don't know the fabric content offhand, but i can check. some fleece sources are malden mills (online retail store) and i bought mine from tonitex, a wholesaler. if any of this is of interest at all, email me.


caitlin said...

That website that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago with the organic stuff has organic cotton fleece. I think...

hodge podge said...

thanks girls!
jen, thanks for your offer but polar fleece is not what i want; as far as i know it's always poly. i'm looking for the cotton stuff that old-school sweatshirts are made of.
caitlin, that site is great! i think i love a lot of the fabric, but it is pricy. i would like to see your swatches at the next meeting!