Monday, August 21, 2006

credit card machines

i've gotten a few things in the mail about credit card machines but was wondering if anyone has a company they like or if they are all the same......


hodge podge said...

are you just asking about the machines or the whole service provider? i recommend using your bank if they offer it; i had a bad experience with a major independent 'merchant services' provider, NPC. everything they quoted me before i signed on turned out to be a lie... then they charged me for dumping them because i had signed (without knowing it) a contract with them for 3 years! then i switched to chase, who was my bank, and they were fine. i believe you usually have to buy/lease your machine from the provider, kind of like with cell phones. but i could be wrong... talk to siri and rebecca since they just set up an account.

Sirius' Space said...

treehouse* uses washington mutual... seems the easiest, cuz that's where our biz accnt is (it's also a block away from my house and they're all very nice) and there rates seemed good. a lot that send you stuff and/or call you smelled like BIG scams to us.
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