Tuesday, July 25, 2006

MCIF sample

I got my first sample back from MCIF and its great! It looks just like the one that I gave them. I give them an A++ on sewing jersey.
I left them with about 30 more pieces. I’m going back on Monday so they can show me a sample of another design I brought in with me today. I think that their pricing seems fare. They asked me how much I was hoping to pay for each garment and said they would maybe have to adjust it if that price was too low/high depending on how the sewing goes. I kind of gave them my ideal price and then how much I would pay up to. The top I got back today (simple, batwing long sleeve) will be $5, I think. The leggings I am having done next will probably be $8 each. I should start getting more stuff back in the next couple of weeks if anyone wants to come over and check them out.
Oh! They also told me that it takes them more time to finish an order of jersey garments with cover stitch because they only have one cover stitch machine. Woven garments that can be sew on the standard industrial machines will be finished much quicker because more people can be working on them.

Other things…
I have written a couple of the t-shirt printers that use soy inks or other earth/human friendly inks and have gotten no response. We’ll see if they want to share their secret.

I found an online fabric store that has tons of different organic fabrics- wools, hemp, cotton, bends with silk, linen, yak, etc. They have knits and wovens as well as yarns and notions (lace, elastic, thread). The cool thing about them is you can buy swatches from them for $0.40 a swatch. I got a bunch, I will being them to the next meeting for anyone to check out. The website is: nearseanaturals.com

I also found out that American Apparel is wholesaling their organic garments. They are pretty well priced.
I will try and post some pictures of the samples that I get back form MCIF (if I can figure out how to do that).


hodge podge said...

great news caitlin! i'm thrilled to hear that the quality was high AND the pricing right on par with expectations, since you said the shirt takes you 1/2 hour. since you give the sewing an A++, i don't feel a need to inspect them, but thanks for offering.

Lena said...

thanks for the info caitlin! nearsea naturals looks great, i'm ordering some swatches...