Friday, July 28, 2006

Fabric Store Closeout on B'way

Hey there! How many of you shop for fabrics down on lower Broadway? At the last Saplings meeting I mentioned one that was going out of business and starting to sell stuff for super cheap prices (we got some very good stuff for $3-6/yd). I don't have the exact street number, but it's on the west side of Broadway, probably just below Walker St. (not quite as far south as P&S). You might know it. It's the crazy one that often has scrappy looking huge bins outside, and in the window are scrawled signs that say, "PANTIES $2" and inside it's complete chaos. There's lot's of lace trimmings hanging near the front. It's really a fright. But go inside, and you never know what you might find! Moriah and I got some good cotton jersey (there are several varieties - some with much more Lycra than others); some rayons, a lot of prints; etc. A lot of it is quite synthetic, but there is a large range of quality mixed in. Anyway - the guy who runs it is very nice; he's on his way out, and bringing up more stuff from downstairs everyday. I can't vouch for the exact deals, but after we bought a ton of stuff he showed us the downstairs area (lots of stripes) and said to come back in two weeks and buy more stuff and he'd give it to us for $2/yd. I'm afraid this isn't the best time to for ME to be accumulating more fabric, but maybe other Saplings want to organize a group trip there to buy in bulk and therefore score better deals + share cabs back to Brooklyn.


hodge podge said...

i reall want to go if you guys don't make it this week; i'll be back saturday (8/5) and could probably go most days next week!

caitlin said...

I'm super busy these days and have spent every penny I have to do my fall production. I don't think its a good time for me to go.
sorry =(